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What We Offer

Organization Focus
The scope of BayHelix focuses on the business and management aspects of the life science industry, including pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, healthcare and related sectors, as well as professional service industries associated with the life science industry. Given our members’ bicultural and bilingual background, we have a specific interest and a unique advantage in bridging life science businesses and communities in the U.S. and Asia. We are committed to build deep relationship with Chinese business community through professional interactions and thought leadership. In the long term, we aspire to shape the growth of the life sciences and healthcare industry around the Pacific Rim and beyond.

Our members are attracted to BayHelix because they find a valuable forum to share their ideas, knowledge, and relationship on a set of business topics that they are deeply passionate about. These topics include the strategic outlook of the rapidly growing biotech and pharmaceutical industries in China, IP issues in the emerging markets, entrepreneurship challenges to create and finance a company, and business development know-how to maximize value through partnering and licensing. We are also building specific interest groups on key areas such as generic drugs, CRO outsourcing, and US/China partnering. By linking our members with professional interests and experience in these areas, we foster a deeper level of engagement among our members.

BayHelix thrives through the privileged exchange of ideas, information (articles and reports), and more importantly, business contacts and opportunities among our members. Furthermore, as an organization of leaders, we strive to build lasting friendship amongst members. We share experience in career growth, help and support each other in professional development. Meanwhile, we also continue to recruit new talents and expand the network to become a premier hub of global life science business

Being a membership-driven organization does not mean BayHelix is an inward looking close-door club. On the contrary, we are eager to reach out and engage with companies, government agencies, and other professional organizations to promote the growth of life science and health care industries in the Pacific Rim region. We believe that this is an area of tremendous opportunities for the industry and for our members.