Member Activities and Interactions

BayHelix is a global organization. Our members interact with each other through a variety of channels, including face-to-face meetings and events, teleconferences, and a carefully moderated group mailing list.

Face-to-Face Meetings and Events
In major metropolitan areas in US and China, we have regular exclusive/semi-exclusive activities that provide opportunities for face-to-face interaction among members. These activities range from seminars, workshops, conferences, to social events. Typically these activities focus on one or a few selected topics in business and professional development. These programs provide an ideal environment for our members to build relationship, share their knowledge, expertise, and learn from each other.

BayHelix also co-sponsor and co-organize events and meetings with other professional organizations in the community. This allows us to offer our unique perspectives, relationships, and expertis to a broader audience and make a bigger impact. It also increases the visibility of our organization and helps us to attract new members who share similar professional interests and passion.

Teleconferences provide an effective means for us to link members who are geographically dispersed but shared similar professional interests and/or collaborating on the same projects. We have successfully organized global teleconferences on specific topics (such as generics) across multiple time zones and geographic regions. In addition, BayHelix Board of Directors and Executive Team members held regular teleconferences to manage the strategic and operation aspects of the organization.

Global Mailing List
The BayHelix global mailing list is a critical bond that holds the group together. Through the mailing list, we solicit help, exchange information, and engage in discussion and debate. Any individual member can leverage BayHelix’s global scale and tap into the collective skills, experience, and relationship of our member community. We consider these interactions privileged because of the exclusivity of our membership and mailing list. To ensure high quality communication, the mailing list is moderated with explicit and robust guidelines.

As a membership based organization, we try to strike the proper balance between commitment and flexibility for our members. Although none of our activities is mandatory, our members do find that, the more actively they engage in various group activities, the more benefit they can reap and the greater impact they can make. BayHelix is a platform that channels the enthusiasm and energy of its members to a common goal that is beyond the capability of any one individual.