Member Benefits & Opportunities

BayHelix presents unique opportunities to its members to achieve the mission of the group and accomplish the business and professional goals of its individual members. The breadth and depth of BayHelix’s membership base and its exclusivity are what differentiate us from other professional organizations with similar industry focus.

Networking Through Privileged Interactions
BayHelix facilitates networking with business leaders and professionals at leading life science firms in both the U.S. and China through the privileged interactions among the members and with the expanded contacts of its members. This creates an ideal forum to share business opportunities within the group. In particular, BayHelix is well positioned to bridge the collaboration and partnership across Pacific given the group members’ common bilingual and bicultural background.

Developing Leadership and Professional Skills
BayHelix is an organization of business leaders. We encourage and support each other to develop leadership and professional skills at both personal and group level. Our members are seasoned leaders across the entire value chain of life science industries including both corporations of various sizes to professional service firms supporting the industry. The diversity of our membership base catalyzes learning and sharing across different industry sectors and career paths. We want to cultivate an environment where our members can learning and benefit from other members’ success and setbacks. Furthermore, we strive to build lasting personal relationship and trust beyond typical business interactions. We believe that we can attract current and future Chinese business leaders in life science industries if we commit to our mission and continue to bring value to our members.

Shaping and Influencing Industry Growth in Pacific Rim Region and Beyond
BayHelix members are active leaders of professional organizations and local communities. The group organizes and co-sponsors regular events, including seminars, workshops, conferences, and social events. Many of these programs are aiming at shaping and influencing industry growth in Pacific Rim region and beyond. We also reach out and partner with other institutions, such as related professional organizations in US, related life science industry organizations in China, and US / China government agencies at federal / central and local levels.

Rights and Obligations
We recognize that active participation and firm commitment from our members is crucial to BayHelix’s long-term success and impacts. On the other hand, we also acknowledge the demanding pressure and competing priorities facing every business leaders and professionals today. As such, our membership benefits and obligations are a dedicate balance between discipline and flexibility.

Every BayHelix member has access to the group global mailing list and can participate and lead group activities at the global and local levels. Additional rights of the members (including the right to vote) are defined in detail in BayHelix Bylaw.

The key obligations of BayHelix members include paying annual membership fees and adhering to the group guidelines. Currently the BayHelix Board of Directors has established guidelines on message posting (to the global mailing list), group activities, and external relationships.