Membership Application and Review Process


BayHelix membership is by invitation only. We have a simple process for new member application and review.

1. A prospective member can apply for membership through the invitation and recommendation of one or multiple current members. The application material includes,

a) A new member profile (a description of the candidate’s relevant working experience and educational background, including both undergraduate degree and any postgraduate educational credentials. Most of our current member profiles range from one to three paragraphs); Alternatively, the candidate can submit a copy of the CV.

b) Any specific recommendation from the current member who is inviting the candidate.

2. The application material is submitted to the Membership Committee for review via e-mail by the current member who is making the recommendation

3. The Committee will review the application and provide a definitive response to the candidate within a reasonable amount of time, typically within a month. A candidate can be admitted only if at least two Committee members approve.

4. Once a candidate’s application is accepted, he or she will be asked to provide a new member profile (if the application material is CV or resume) and a current e-mail address.

5. After the Membership Committee receives the new member profile and the e-mail address, the new member will be added to the BayHelix mailing list. A Membership Committee member will then formally introduce the new member to the group.
The Membership Committee won’t be able to add a new member to the group unless the Committee receives the new member profile.

For membership questions and applications, please contact: