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Membership Criteria

BayHelix membership is by invitation only and through the introduction and recommendation and sponsorship of two or more current members. We have established a three-member Membership Committee, which is responsible for review and approve all new member applications.

In order to achieve the missions of BayHelix, we maintain certain admission criteria, including, but not limited to, demonstrated business and leadership experiences and professional accomplishments. We hope to attract leaders in the global life sciences and healthcare community who are interested and have the potential in contributing to the growth of the life sciences and healthcare industry in the Pacific Rim to join us. Together on the BayHelix platform, we will strive to make an impact on the industry in the Pacific Rim and beyond.

If you are interested in joining BayHelix, we hope that you already know some current members through your professional or social contacts. In general, we do not accept unsolicited new member application.